Ankh, Wajah, Seneb!

Welcome to my website! May you live a long and healthy life and want for nothing!

I am pleased that you have found me and hope you like my music, art and poetry and maybe even feel a little inspired by my blog "Path of the Lioness".

At this stage I haven't quite decided what I want to feature in the blog, except my musings featuring Sekhmet's advice to modern humanity. Basically, what I am trying to achieve with everything I do, could be summarised as "expressing spirit through the arts", hence "Songstress of Amun", a title given to temple musicians in Ancient Egypt, singing the praises of Amun,the Hidden One, thus making Him visible.

Love and Light!

Acknowledgements and Copyright:

All artwork, graphic design, music, poetry and thoughts featured on this website are my own original work unless credited otherwise.

The beautiful painting of Sekhmet used in the banner is by the Artist Hrana Janto.