Dance is something I have always been interested in and fascinated by. I remember having my first walkman, a rattly red plastic box, purchased from a big superstore and accompanied by a tape of the musical Cats (because I loved the song "Memory" and used to sing along to it in my own fantasy language which was supposed to be Italian). I must have been roughly four and started playing the tape at home over and over on my Dad's mono cassette recorder in our large but cluttered living room, pushing the furniture aside and turning the room into a dance studio.

Listening to Cats I choreographed my own dances, singing and acting along, playing all the parts myself. Having never seen the musical, it was just a parade of the different characters and cat personalities there were. 

As long as I can remember music made me think of, and in, movement, I even had a dream earlier than this, of some kind of belly dancer in a sparkly outfit dancing in the light of the fluorescent tubes of the aquarium in our living room. I was fascinated by this dream and kept longing to relive the experience. Another very early dream I recall is of me and a group of performers skating round and round in a circle, half the time back-stage behind the curtain and half in front, to a haunting spiritual tune consisting of the syllables "Lee" and "Laa" only. We were on roller skates, which at the time I was aware existed but had never yet worn. Every time I was behind the curtain was struggling to stay on my feet and was scrambling about and falling, only to pull myself together again just in time for the next front of stage section.

Tribute to Bob Fosse (poster)