Don't Deny the Wisdom Within

14 April 2015

People talk about "channelling" and I "channelled this and that". What a load of rubbish! Why deny the wisdom within? Why should one claim that something one has said or written did not originate in one's self?

The reason is two-fold: for one you don't want to be questioned or criticised for what you say and write ("It's not from me, it's from angel … (paste name of your choice here)"), secondly you want to be seen as something more than you are, seen as a "medium", as someone who is "special", "chosen" in some way, and therefore superior to "ordinary" people.

Both reasons originate within the ego: it wishes to either protect itself or big itself up. Neither of which serves your higher purpose: personal development and self-actualisation.

So why not just admit that you have something to say that may be worthwhile hearing or reading, why mask it as something it is not, just to make it more authoritative and give it weight?

This is not a channelled blog, this is me, Sue Berger, writing what I feel the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet would have to say to the world if she could speak, based on my own insight and wisdom, and there is nothing wrong with attributing such valuable assets to oneself and giving oneself credit for what one is capable of knowing and expressing. Just take it at face value: thoughts and beliefs of a person who may or may not resonate with you. That decision is for you to make.

True, there are people who may be more perceptive than others, but that does not mean they are something better and should be looked up to and sought after for advice and guidance. The wisdom is everywhere and in everyone of us, it is ourperception of it that needs to be honed and tuned to the right frequency, there is nothing exclusive about the ability to perceive it. Everyone can achieve this if they put their heart to it, it does not require an extraneous authority to open your inner eyes and ears.

Channelling is simple: know your truth, then speak it! You are a unique manifestation of the divine!