Don’t say “I love you”


Though I feel it’s true

that we can sense

the glowing seed of divinity

within each other’s soul –

I don’t want you to say

“I love you”

when referring to this…


Though we share

the irresistible

need for annihilation

in one another

that has been felt a million times

but yet is ever new –

I feel uncomfortable

about saying these words

that have been used

as well as abused

many more times than only a million


Nor do I ever feel the need

to hear compliments from you,

about my looks and my ways,

my wit, my movements –

all these are plants growing

on the ground of superficiality

and I won't give such

the tiniest space in the heart

of the two of us!


What we have is too precious

to be suffocated

by redundant sentences,

the meaning of which

has been washed out in the mouths

of thousands of thoughtless people!


Love is ever new

and for that reason

shouldn't be expressed

by the same sentence twice…


Let's think of new ways

for expressing the fact

that we are divine drunkards;

Let's create new words

for feeling passionate about each other,

I am sure we can find some!


And don't ever use the same word twice!

The day the expression of love

becomes repetitive

is the day of the death of its subject…


It's better not to say

anything at all

as long as there has no new expression arisen

from the streams of our energy

joining each other

in the endless

ocean of…