Double-Standard Me

I am calm.

I'm in control.

I don't care

for whom you dare

to have feelings...

I don't need you.

I'm attached.

Unavailable to you –

But in my mind

you are mine,

and don't you dare

to look at her.

If I should find

you have a date

tonight –

I'm gonna bloody well kill that bitch!

I'll come and rip her guts out, fucking cow!

What is she thinking of

to meet the other man

in my life, the one

I fancy but can't have,

nor he have me –

so why should she?

What are you thinking of?

What has she got that I have not?

Oh, double standard me!

I'm not the

slightest bit

interested in you,

I don't need to:

I have a man,

I have a life,

I have good sex…

Not with you,

that much is true,

and it's a shame,

but don't complain;

not every man

can be as lucky

and as happy

as I am.

But if you kiss

another woman –

I'll come and smash her face!

She should not enjoy your embrace

If I can't be embraced by you,

or kissed, then she should suffer too!

What are you thinking of to go and

date another female who's not me?

If I can't have you, why should she?

You can't have me, that is true,

but why be selfish

to want too

what I have every day,

if not from you…

Oh, double standard me!