I hate love-songs!


I hate love-songs.

I hate couples.

All this hugging, kissing, squeezing,

all this whispering, giggling, moaning, teasing –

What's it for?

Does anybody really FEEL the other one?

Are there really two souls in touch?

Or only bodies, voices, hands…

tongues and lips,

while the mind is absent, somewhere


All these superficial bodies, tongues and lips,

hands to hips

and even more –

THEY all have the right to stay in touch,

although their touches are empty;

While our

minds and souls and hearts

are not allowed to stay in touch!


I'd cry out in pain

if I had the voice and courage

to do so,

I'd shriek hysterically

and demand what is mine –

the right

to spend my time with the one

who understands and enriches my soul;

the right

to give my heart to him

and maybe, later,

my body;

the right to share

my thoughts and feelings with

the one who opens my eyes to a new point of view;

the right to show him

my paintings and poems and maybe,


my sensuality as well...