Loving you


Loving you,

over the distance,

was easy…



to what extent

the worldly Ego

is ruling still

even over an old soul,

who was convinced

of having overcome the boundaries of matter,

like paying attention to looks and age.


I feel ashamed

when realising that one part of me

is shocked when being reminded of these boundaries

by meeting you physically,


at the same time

the flow of energy has never stopped flowing,

but instead is ever stronger yet:

the excitement, the passion, the fervent wish

of joining, of devoting,

just being earthly – in another way than the above…


But there are

two contradictory commandments

in my mind,

one saying: “How can you do this?”

the other: “How can’t you do this?”

And I have to tell which is divine;

On this occasion, it surely is

“You should!”


But I have to take careful steps

not to let my Ego

get too agitated and spoil it all,

because it is scared of annihilation

which would be the consequence of joining and devoting

in spite of outer boundaries.