Inspired by a Shakespeare Sonnet, a song by Sting and a powerful cross-transit of Saturn and Neptune in opposition to each other, that is both current planets in opposition to the other on my natal chart.

It worked: Neptune succeeded in dissolving my Saturn's reign of terror in house 10, sitting virtually on, and suffocating my natal sun in Leo, and Saturn succeeded in making my Saggitarian Neptune in House 1 create some structures and boundaries, having said that I will always be impressionable by the suffering of others and have a tendency to manifest it physically.

But that's just astrology waffle for those of you who understand and care, here's the poem:

Neptune's eyes


Neptune's eyes

are nothing like the sun –

How could ever the sun be as dark and deep as his gaze?


His light-swallowing, love-vomiting eyes

invite us to the ecstasy of getting lost.


He's tempting, irresistible

leaving no wish in the heart

but to join him,

feel him, trust him and get lost.


You don't know what you miss, when rejecting the kiss

of universal oneness

that is caressing you all over.


When Neptune calls for you, temptingly

looks at you,

without a sound –

only these eyes, saying:

"Come to me, trust me, share my love,

I'll keep the promise of dissolving you!

Get into me,

you know how good it is,


pure, whirling energy,

forget who you are and feel who I am

so that I may take what was you

and loose myself in it.


There is nothing

as exiting

as the pleasure of getting lost!"