Painting Naughtily


I am painting, like I never did before

New colours, shapes and feelings...

And the one I'd like to show it to –

don't dare to meet him ever more.


But knowing this, won't stop the flow of thoughts

he gave my inspiration back to me,

I won't let people make forget

the lesson that he taught!


When I'm feeling suppressed by what is required –

I get even more inspired!

When I'm out of reach and misunderstood –

my soul starts flying higher and higher!


I'm getting naughty and this is so good!

Though I'm forced to cut myself from my great understander

No one can force me

to become understandable for somebody else.


I am wildly painting, naughtily!

And every spot makes me feel near to the one I love

While every brush-line is an evidence

that feeling cannot be imprisoned by force.




Come, have a look and try to see!

But you'll never see

what he would have understood...


A great source of knowledge

about myself got removed from me –

what shall I do?