Path of the Lioness

This blog is a bit of a spiritual diary and I'd like to establish from the start that I am NOT claiming to be "channeling" Sekhmet the Goddess. There are so many people out there claiming to be doing this sort of thing, and I feel they are either consciously misguiding others about the provenance of their ideas, or worse, misguided and opening themselves up to become tools of unknown entities, claiming to be angels and such.

What I have done here is contemplating different issues that moved me, and tuning into what I feel Sekhmet would have to say about these issues whilst gazing at her image in meditation.

Any of what you read here could be divine guidance, but it could equally be utter nonsense, but its down to you, the reader, what it is to you as you read it, so engage your brain and decide for yourself it it resonates with you.

I believe that there is nothing and no one that we couldn't learn from, and be helped by, on our path in search of personal growth, so long as we are sincerely attuned to growth and our intentions are set for self-improvementin our hearts and minds.

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