I love you two.

I love you both.

I love you – yet,

there will be those

who say:

you cannot love two men

the same, for when

there's more than two involved

issues arise that can't be solved;

not easily at least,

and not so everyone

concerned is pleased

with what's been done,

and how…

And yet,

I know: I love you so,

do love you both and can't let go

of either for the other's sake.

If both you were drowning

and had equal chance

to be rescued by me,

you both would die,

for I could not make that decision;

claiming I could

would sure be a lie.

No, both of you I would let die,

'cause I could never forgive myself,

or live with that lie

of saying yes to one,

and no to the other,

when in my heart

I said yes twice.