Responsibility versus Duty

11 April 2015

Why are you running around like prey? At the mercy of perceived pressures that catapult and chase you hither and thither. Mindless hurry is such an undignified and unconstructive state to be in!

Let me answer that question for you: it is because you mistake duty for responsibility. It may be your responsibility to take care of certain issues, but that does not mean that they have a right to chase you around. When you consider something your duty, you are mentally putting yourself in debt: it is my due-ty to… (…set up my business, …look after my family, …serve my customers, etc., paste here whatever it is that puts you into a state of panicked agitation).

Perceiving a task as your duty puts you in negative equity from square one. You start out with the sense that you are owing and ought to be trying harder, doing more, running around faster, in order to achieve, quickly, quickly, a state of equilibrium where you are no longer "owing" anyone anything any more. In a way you are frenetically paying back a loan you have not yet received, driving your energy levels into the red along the way, only to achieve a state where you are not "due" any more. However that blissful state never comes, because there are more and more things that come to be considered a duty by yourself. And yes, it is in your perception, not in the nature of the task, nor in anyone else's demands of you, that the foundations are laid for a life of stress and misery and suffering. Self-inflicted through your attitude and belief system.

Responsibility is so much more appropriate a term. You are taking ownership of a task or an issue, make it yours and take a firm resolve to deal with it; in your time, and in your own unique way, allowing time for reflection and space for adjustments to your method along the way.

You can fullfil your responsibility slowly and steadily, with joy and a smile on your face, radiating positivity and projecting a "Yes-to-life" out into the world in everything you do, in the way you do it.

Next time a new task comes your way, ask yourself: "Is this my responsibility?" And if the answer is a resounding "Yes, I will take ownership of this task" ("I will", not "I ought to"!!!), then joyfully fulfil it, your way, in your own perfect time.

You have the choice!