Take a Shower with the Sign of Life  ☥

July 2015

This is a little practice that came to me when I first experimented with the healing energy of Ka Shen Sekhem. This is a form of energy healing that is available to every one, any where, any time, attuned or not, though it may help if you have got experience of consciously channelling energy. You just have to ask, allow the energy to do its thing and say thanks.

Having previously used Reiki I was quite struck by the quality and intensity of this energy. Rather than just being warm where my hands were, it seemed to me to have a lot more innate intelligence at tracking down that which is in need of healing in your mind body and spirit. Whereas with Reiki I have to adjust the position of my hands when channeling, according to where I intuitively perceive to be a concentration gradient between my hands and the receiving body, Ka Shen Sekhem scanned me and then "blasted", I am almost tempted to say "pebble-dashed", the site it found to be in need with a stream of pulsed energy. With my hands on my hips the energy from both hands flowed powerfully to my left breast. A few days later I became aware that an area which had been sensitive and lumpy in my left breast for years, suddenly felt completely normal.

At some stage I requested Ka Shen Sekhem in the shower and it gave me the idea to shower with Ankh , the Sign of Life. I set the shower to a single stream and stood underneath, swaying to and fro with my eyes closed, so the water could draw a large Ankh on my back, head and shoulders, whilst visualising a luminous Ankh remaining radiant on my body where the water had touched. I did this nine times (3 X 3) and felt wonderfully invigorated afterwards. I found this moving and sensing meditation to be a fantastic visualisation aid for me, who as a kinaesthetic person struggles with holding an image in my head.

However, remember to always use water responsibly, especially if you are in a dry part of the world. I only use this meditation when I feel a deep need for it.

Needless to say, make sure the ground you are standing on has sufficient grip and is not covered in a film of soap, conditioner, shampoo etc., especially since you might want to work with your eyes closed and your balance may be somewhat compromised.

It goes like this:

1) With the water at the nape of your neck, where the cervical and thoracic spine join, slowly shift your weight onto your left foot, so you can feel the pressure of the water drawing a line down the top of your shoulder across the tense bit at the top to the shoulder joint and back to the centre.

2) Without hesitation in the centre, repeat this on the left.

3) This bit is tricky to explain: gently rotate your head to the left, then slightly back and to right in a smooth circle, so the water draws the loop of the Ankh round your head, roughly following your hairline. CAUTION: Be VERY gentle with this movement! If you are prone to dizziness or have degenerative diseases in your neck vertebrae, such as arthritis, this may not be suitable for you! It is not recommended to tip your head back far and vigorously, as pressure on your cervical discs increases. I always try to maintain an open neck by thinking "up" at the same time. If in doubt get some advise from a physiotherapist or yoga teacher before trying this on your own. You could always try and sway round in a circle back-left, back, back-right with your head straight.

4) Lean forward drawing a straight line down your spine, pausing at the sacrum for grounding, then moving back to your starting position with the water on your shoulder at the bottom of your neck.

5) Repeat steps 1-4 eight more times.

6) Remain aware of everywhere the water has touched holding a sense of the Sign of Life on your back, as part of your body, in your mind. As the water runs off you allow it to take any tiredness, negativity and tension with it to a nourishing place where it will be healed, transformed and become useful to creation.

7) Feel fabulous!