The day you told me 'No'

Had felt the chemistry grow

between us for weeks now,

had honed the spark of attraction,

had flirted with you,

by fluke and on purpose,

had shown you the best of me,

had fervently tried to be

the woman in your life…

Little did I know

I was not what you need,

a woman may not be your wish

at all – maybe rather a man?

Tender loving care not what you require,

affection and desire nothing can inspire

in you, the only thing that

rings true is your hard work's success.

That night spent together

to me enjoyable company –

to you a chore to bear my idle chatter?

I'll never know for when I tried

to share my affection

came no reply, and after a while

through indirect and unrelated

words you told me 'no'.