The Return of the Goddess

It is with great pleasure that I have observed the emergence of a new breed of woman, or rather the renewed appearance of women who are confident and strong, yet feminine at the same time: there are women singers, women artists, women leaders who exude power, yet their confidence is so great that they do not feel the need to be aggressive, loud, hard or unemotional.

These new, mainly young, women do not have to prove themselves worthy of power, of being in charge, by adopting a masculine style to show themselves deserving of their position in charge of their discipline. Women who speak of their ideas with a sense of knowing that they deserve to be heard and be listened to and have their say, women who sing of their desire and who are unashamed of feeling, knowing that in authentic expression of feeling there lies true power. I am no less worthy of respect if I admit to being emotional. I choose to express my reality right here, right now and I dwell in my own heart, walk in confidence, speak from my heart, speak words of truth and beauty – and sometimes ugliness, if it be that which I perceive…

It gives me great pleasure to see women fully realised, so certain of their value that they feel no need to assert it, neither making themselves objects, objects that are desirable, nor insisting that they have no wish to be, no need to ever be desirable. Women who appear and who say with every fibre of their being: I am desirable and I know it. I wish to be desired, but I chose by whom. I chose whom it is that I desire. Sensual women who are unafraid of speaking of their sensuality and their lust, women who see an injustice and refuse to take it for granted, women who know their worth, know their place: and their place is in charge; not against others, not on top of others but alongside others, alongside in charge – sisterhood of man!

It is not without reason that there is a renewed interest in the female manifestations of the divine, in the female faces and shapes and guises of, the female names for the divine. Women and girls have a right to worship a version of the divine which they are able to identify with, a version of the divine they can see themselves in and it in them. Woman reclaiming the divine within her, saying I am made in Her image, I am divine too, I deserve to be worshipped and respected for I have power, I create, I sustain and I inspire.

This phenomenon is what I call The Return of the Goddess.