This is more my traditional "home" as an artist, with my Dad being a sculptor and an arts teacher I have been fostered in expressing myself through visual arts from an early age, initially with pen and paper and later, in adulthood, discovering photo-shop, video and other media.



I am a keen photographer and love getting lost in the details of things. My husband sometimes takes a picture of me trying to capture that perfect picture of the texture on a flower or a grass blade, and describes me in these shots as "in my natural habitat".

Nature Rules!

When I discovered Instagram in 2015 I started taking portraits of spirited members of the plant kingdom who succeed against the odds in urban environments, carrying away small but significant victories over man-made structures like concrete, tarmac and steel, and posting them using #naturerules. If you are interested, follow me @Sekhmet_Songstress_of_Amun, and if you are a kindred spirit and equally fascinated by the power of nature to outperform and survive us, join in the movement and tag your pictures with #naturerules!