Waiting Room for Death

All this to you

is but a waiting room for death.

You plug your headphones in,

drown out my futile rage,

my silent desperation,

my lonely torment.

Fill your head with

empty fluff,

with soundbites and infotainment,

with propaganda and brain-detergent –

dissolves even the toughest beliefs

and from your identity affords daily relief...

Have checked out from life,

abandoned all goals and ambitions,

abolished everything you once held dear.

Ignore the signs, ignore the symptoms,

ignore the wife's ranting and raving

to go see a doctor about this symptom or that,

to go show yourself some respect,

relieve a self from the wreckage

you made of your life.

No, it's easier to just

sit and wait,

dismiss all concern,

reject all suggestions...

Why go find and retrieve your self

why get a life, if you can sit

comfortably numb

in your waiting room,

your private waiting room for death?

“Do not disturb” sign on the door –

lest life may come a-knocking.

Don't worry, life has long stopped looking for you,

as you have stopped looking for it.

Enjoy the wait!