Your Life is Yours

I shan't take credit for these beautiful words, my husband David wrote these to me in an email when we first met and when people and circumstances were actively conspiring to try and keep us apart and stop me from following my heart and spirit. I am eternally grateful to him for wrenching me out of the complacent nightmare that was my life, and from the bosom of my overly enmeshed family, so I could finally grow up and become me.

If you are interested, there are some love poems I wrote around that time on the Poetry page of this site!

"These people who know you ought to be pleased

that something has made you happy.


Do try not to let yourself become a prisoner

of decisions you feel somebody

is expecting you to make.


Your life is YOURS,

not a resource for others.


People who care about you

would want you to be happy

and so they would not pressurise you.

Take care and try not to let them cause you

to act in any way that is not right for YOU.


Take great care.

You really are an important person!"